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Ten Commandments in Bibb County update


Displaying The Ten Commandments

9/21/2004 6:43:43 PM


23 year old Ben Davis found "Friends of the Ten Commandments" online.

The group believes support for the display of the commandments is written into the US Constitution.

"Leave it to the locals that's how the founding fathers wanted it."

Davis and his group have petitions like this one circulating in local churches.

A petition that Davis says has a good shot here because of where he lives.

"This is the Bible Belt when you mention gettin' the 10 Commandments up in local courthouses it's an open and shut case."

Davis isn't working alone, He claims to have 20 families hanging petitions in churches like Gilead Baptist in Macon.

Last week, Gilead's Secretary Tanzel Rousey showed us where the petition hung for weeks before she mailed a portion of the petition with 14 signatures to Bibb County Commissioners.

"They're God's rules and all of our laws are really based on them, if it hadn't been for the Ten Commandments we wouldn't have laws they were the first laws."

And Davis says the other signatures from people across the area will eventually be in every county courthouse in Central Georgia.


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