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Ten Commandments Monument Tour schedule for Toccoa

On September 24, at 6:00 PM Judge Roy Moore's Ten Commandments Monument will be on Display in Toccoa, Georgia. This is part of the national Tour by American Veterans for God.

We are very pleased that the Tour will be making this stop in Georgia and hope that as many as possible will plan on attending.

There will be a short 90 minute Rally.

This is short notice, so please help spread the word.

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The American Veterans Standing for God and Country are honored to bring Chief Justice Roy Moore�s Ten Commandment Monument to the people of Georgia.

The Veterans have supported Judge Moore on his stand to honor his oath of office.  Judge Moore is a veteran, a West Pointer, a constitutional scholar, and a biblical scholar.  He knew what he was doing when he stood firm on his promise to the people of Alabama even to the point of giving up his job as the top legal authority of the state of Alabama.  That is more than most elected or appointed officials are willing to do.  We need more elected officials like Roy Moore.

The veterans believe that Judge Moore was right and Judge Myron Thompson was wrong and exceeded his authority under our Constitution.  If Congress shall make no laws on this matter as stated in the 1st Amendment, then surely the courts have no law to rule upon.

The monument is a historical symbol.  Liberals say the issue is one of Separation of Church and State.  Conservatives say our constitution addresses the state having no control over religion and says nothing of separation.  How could a single appointed federal judge have jurisdiction or authority over an elected State Chief Justice.

The public is invited to see and touch this beautiful Ten Commandment Monument for yourself.  It is more than a physical object, it is an emotional experience for many.  In addition to the Ten Commandments displayed on top of the monument in the traditional tablet form, there are quotes from some of our founding fathers and other historical facts inscribed on the sides of the monument.  You may want to visit our web sites: and

This "Veterans Faith and Freedom National Tour" will be in :

Location:  Toccoa, GA   - Sage Street between the Courthouse and the Antique Store (Former Belk Store)
Date: 9/24 
Rally Time: 6:00 PM


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