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Congratulations to the Forsyth County (NC) Commissioners

(From Southern Party of North Carolina)

Just like Congress and countless other government and civic functions, Forsyth County Commission meetings open with a prayer. This has been a tradition in our country since its founding and was firmly endorsed by Our Founding Fathers.

But in today's society we have the perverted influence of groups like the ACLU and Morris Dee's - SPLC that are relentless in their pursuit of forcing their views upon an unwilling public. They do this by using not only law suits but threats of law suits.

Congratulations to the Forsyth County Commissioners for not caving in to the demands of the ACLU of ending prayer at Commission meetings.

However, if the ACLU  threatens to sue we wonder if they will continue to represent the citizens or cave in to the ACLU?

If the commissioners will run like an illegal crossing the southern border, they should be replaced with men and women of more resolve. We will just have to wait and see....any bets?

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Saturday, January 6, 2007
Forsyth commissioners to stick with prayer policy
ACLU had objected to 'sectarian' nature of ministers' invocations


By Jim Sparks
The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners isn't going to change anything about how it conducts prayers at the start of its meetings.

In October, the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina sent a letter to Winston-Salem City Council and the Forsyth commissioners asking for changes in the way prayers are offered at the beginning of public meetings

ACLU officials said that city and county officials were running afoul of the U.S. Constitution because the ministers they ask to lead invocations frequently refer to specific deities in their prayer. The ACLU cited several court rulings around the county that indicate sectarian prayer is not legal during public meetings because of its exclusionary nature.
Sectarian prayer is prayer that recognizes a particular religious sect, faith or a specific deity, such as Jesus Christ, Yahweh and Allah.
Gloria Whisenhunt, the chairwoman of the board of commissioners, said yesterday that the board reached a consensus decision Thursday to not change the unwritten procedures guiding invocations. The board has followed those unwritten procedures for years. The decision came in a closed session during the board's weekly briefing.
Typically, county officials randomly pick religious leaders from throughout the county to offer the opening prayer at regular meetings of the board. Those invited to give the invocation will be allowed to keep praying the way they want to pray, Whisenhunt said.
The next county commissioners' meeting with an invocation is scheduled for Monday night.
"There will be no restrictions," Whisenhunt said. "We don't show partiality to any faith. We're just going to continue doing what we're doing now. We have a rotation (of ministers to give the invocation) and invite different faiths. We feel what we're doing is right for us."
Civil libertarians urged the commissioners to reconsider their stance.
"It's very disappointing," said Jennifer Rudinger, the executive director of the ACLU of North Carolina. "It's not very often we see local commissioners, when made aware of the law, choose to take an action like this. They've chosen to send a message to members of other (minority) faiths that their faith is less valued, less welcome and less equal."
Rudinger said that her group got involved after receiving many complaints from city and county citizens upset at the nature of prayers being given before public meetings.
She said that the organization would keep looking into the issue while considering what to do next.
Many residents have said they would support a stand by the commissioners, even if it meant that Forsyth County would have to spend public money to fight a lawsuit.
Although the city council hasn't taken an official position on the issue either, most of the ministers invited by the city to give the invocation since the ACLU letter have made no reference to Jesus or any other deity. The city has been considering whether to substitute a moment of silence as an alternative to a prayer at the start of meetings.
Steve Weston, a city resident and the president of the local chapter of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, said yesterday that although he was sorry to hear the county's decision, he wasn't surprised.
"I think it's a travesty," Weston said. "Those people took an oath to uphold the Constitution. I wish they would do that. We need to respect religious minorities."
The commissioners discussed the invocation issue in closed session on the grounds that it was a legal issue covered by attorney-client privilege, one exception to state open-meeting rules that typically require most business conducted by a public body to be done in open session.
The law says that any policy changes must be done publicly, but Whisenhunt noted that the board didn't take any vote or set policy.
A majority of the board simply decided not to do anything with regard to the existing policy, she said.
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