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Luncheon with Judge Roy Moore, April 14

We are pleased to announce a luncheon with
Judge Roy Moore
Noon, April 14, 2008, at the Golden Corral
on Austell Rd. (Please RSVP below)

The luncheon is planned for Pastors, staff, lay leaders, and anyone interested in financially supporting Judge Moore's Foundation for Moral Law.

The general theme will be :
"The Power of the Pulpit, and Our Vanishing Religious Freedoms."  

The purpose will be to introduce pastors, church leaders, and potential donors to The Foundation for Moral Law with an emphasis on how the Foundation is working to restore our nation's true Christian heritage, and how you can help.  

The Foundation for Moral Law is a Christian not for profit education and legal advocacy organization dedicated to restoring the knowledge that God and His Word was foundational to our nation�s law and form of government. The Foundation for Moral Law represents individuals involved in religious liberties cases and files amicus curiae briefs in state and federal courts.   The Ten Commandments have often been a focal point of these battles. The Foundation also conducts seminars to teach the necessity and importance of acknowledging God in law and government.

The principles that set the Foundation for Moral Law apart from most other religious law firms is that Judge Roy Moore will never compromise on God, His sovereignty, His Word, or yield our founding principles for the sake of expediency or success.  

Judge Moore has proven himself and his honor, integrity, valor, courage, and character, by laying his entire future and well being on the line, numerous times, in this ongoing struggle.

Judge Roy Moore is truly a modern day hero like David fighting Goliath - Goliath being a government and judicial system that has distorted our culture, our founding values, our legal system, and our history.

Today he and the staff at the Foundation need our help. Together, with God's providential hand, we can win this battle, but not as passive spectators. Come and learn how to effectively join in and win this battle.

The luncheon will be held at the Golden Corral located at:

3845 Austell Rd., Austell, GA

It will begin at Noon .

Seating is limited so please RSVP today by calling:
(770) 943-6643 or (770) 943-5511

Click here for directions.

Click here for more information on the Foundation for Moral Law

Click Here for some facts that illustrate that our nation and our laws were founded on Judeo-Christian principles.


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