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Legislative ALERT: SB 123 needs support for upcoming hearings

The following Action Alert distributed by Georgia Right to Life deserves our support. It is protecting a   pharmacist's right to conduct his professional duties within his moral and faith principles.

We already have more intrusive laws than we need where the government panders to special interests. And Special interests is certainly what the abortion industry is. Aside from the murdering of an unborn baby this industry simply uses women to generate large sums of money. The killing of unborn babies, many times creating life long problems for the Mother of the unborn baby, has the lowest medical standards and ethics of any elective surgery.

Do not let the big money of those who will kill unborn babies for greed, ruin the life of an ethical and principles pharmacist.

Action Needed:

1) We strongly encourage you to CALL the State Senators listed below.

2) Use our Letter Wizard to quickly send them a letter or email. It only takes a few minutes, so take action now:

Sen. Don Thomas (R) - 404-656-6436

Sen. Renee Unterman - (R) 404-463-1368

Sen. Greg Goggans (R) 404-463-5263

Sen. Don Balfour (R) 404-656-0095

Sen. Johnny Grant (R) 404-656-0082

Sen. Judson Hill (R) 404-656-0150

Sen. Preston Smith (R) 404-656-0034

Sen. David Adelman (D) 404-463-1376

Sen. Gloria Butler (D) 404-656-0075

Sen. Steve Henson (D) 404-656-0085

Sen. Horacena Tate (D)  404-463-8053

3) Pass this information on to others:

The Georgia Right to Life Action Alert follows:

For Immediate Release: 2/16/2006

Phone Calls Needed


Earlier this week, the Georgia Senate Health and Human Services Committee held a hearing regarding SB 123.   The bill states that a pharmacist who states in writing an objection to abortion shall not be required to fill a prescription for an emergency contraceptive drug which purpose is to induce and effect an abortion.  The intent of the legislation is to ensure that pharmacists can not be terminated because of their religious or personal beliefs.  There are currently situations in other states where pharmacists have already been terminated because of their refusal to dispense these drugs.  While there is current protection in the law, efforts in other states have shown a need to provide specific language guaranteeing this protection in Georgia BEFORE the pro-abortionists begin targeting pharmacists in Georgia.

Before the vote could be taken, however, the committee did not have a quorum and was unable to pass the legislation.  While the committee is composed of pro-life legislators, pro-abortionists have been actively contacting committee members and urging them to oppose SB 123.  Prior to the committee hearing next week, committee members need to hear from YOU.  They need to know that you support their efforts to provide this additional protection for our pharmacists.


Action Needed :



1.                  Call Senator Jim Whitehead's office at (404) 656-5114 and thank him for having the courage to sponsor SB 123 and let him know his efforts are appreciated.


2.                  Call members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee and urge their support for SB 123.   Let them know that you support Senator Whitehead's effort to ensure additional protection for the religious and personal beliefs of individual pharmacists.  NO pharmacist should be faced with losing their job because they believe in the sanctity of life!


Committee Members

Sen. Don Thomas (R) - Committee Chair 404-656-6436

Sen. Renee Unterman - Committee Vice-Chair (R) 404-463-1368

Sen. Greg Goggans (R) Committee Secretary 404-463-5263

Sen. Don Balfour (R) 404-656-0095

Sen. Johnny Grant (R) 404-656-0082

Sen. Judson Hill (R) 404-656-0150

Sen. Preston Smith (R) 404-656-0034

Sen. David Adelman (D) 404-463-1376

Sen. Gloria Butler (D) 404-656-0075

Sen. Steve Henson (D) 404-656-0085

Sen. Horacena Tate (D) 404-463-8053

Georgia Right to Life's Action Alerts subscription is a free service to both educate and activate pro-life supporters. You are subscribed as webmaster@spofga.org. You can unsubscribe or change your email address by clicking here.

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