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U.S. House votes Feb. 1 on rule restricting donations to churches

We have received the following and verified the information. The message below is from Jim Zeigler who many of you may remember from his defense of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama.

Your help is needed NOW to stop your church offerings from being cut.  Please quickly e-mail this to all church members nationally:
WASHINGTON -- The tithes and offerings of senior citizens would be curtailed by a bill expected to come up for a vote in the U.S. House Feb. 1.
S. 1932 changes the rules for Medicaid nursing home eligibility.  Now, a senior can gift to his church and not make himself ineligible for nursing home coverage. 
Under the new rule, every gift from a senior will be totaled for the five years preceding nursing home admission.  The senior will then be ineligible for nursing home care and have to pay his own bill ($4,000 to $7,000 a month) until a "penalty period" is over. 
This penalty would cause economic hardship for families of faithful givers.  It would also cause many seniors to stop giving, hurting churches and charities.
The penalty affects all giving by seniors � college tuition for grandchildren; emergency help for family; Christmas, birthday, wedding and graduation presents; charitable and church donations.  All these will be totaled for five years, and then the senior will be penalized for every dollar gifted. 
Grandma and Grandpa will not be able to give any more.  For many churches, senior citizens are the lifeblood.
While the intent of the bill is to stop wealthy seniors from transferring assets and qualifying for Medicaid nursing home coverage, it does not do so.  The affluent and their lawyers can still legally do "asset protection."  Instead, the unintended consequences of the bill are to curtail normal giving by seniors and devastate churches across America.
Few church leaders know about this bill.  It passed the U.S. Senate Dec. 21, 2005.  The only chance to remove it is in the U.S. House February 1.  Please ask your Congressman to vote "no" on S. 1932 unless this change in the "penalty start date" is removed.
Please take three actions now to stop this gutting of church budgets:
1.   Quickly contact your Congressman (U.S. Representative) and ask him or her to vote NO on S. 1932 unless this change in the "penalty start date" is removed.  (No need to contact your U.S. Senators - they passed this already.)  You may get the name and contact info of your own Congressman at:
http://www.house.gov/writerep/ (Georgia residents see below)
2.   Quickly send this e-mail to all active church members.  Keep sending more and more copies of it until you hear that the U.S. House has passed the budget bill.
3.   Ask all active church members to do these same two things.
If you and I do nothing, this provision is expected to pass.  If we do the three steps above, we can block it.  An earlier version passed by only four votes in the House.  If you will ask your Congressman to vote NO unless this provision is removed, I and hundreds of others will do the same.
Please do not wait to start the three steps above.  Your help NOW can make a difference.
Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only.
Jim Zeigler
Asset Protection Attorney
Mobile, Alabama


It is sad but most of our Congressmen do not provide direct email addresses, instead using these internet forms, many of which require a 9 digit zip code. If they do not want to make it easy for their constituents to contact them maybe they should be retired from public service.

More information below:

Information on Senior Citizen Gifting Penalty in S. 1932

The version of S. 1932 which passed the US Senate Dec 21, 2005 and will be voted on by the US House around Jan. 31, 2006 is 482 pages long. The provision causing the problem for seniors, churches, and charities is on pages 154-155.

You need Adobe Reader to view the actual bill. CLICK HERE FOR ACTUAL BILL.

There are well-meaning Congressional staffers and others giving out wrong information. They say this provision is not in the bill. They are irresponsibly and dangerously WRONG.

The standard Washington line is: "This bill is intended to stop millionaires from transfering assets and qualifying for Medicaid." That was indeed the intention. But the bill does not do so. The affluent and their lawyers will still be able to legally do "asset protection" even if the bill passes as is. The bill does nothing to stop that. What it instead does is penalize faithful church givers and normal gifting -- Christmas, birthdays, grandchildren, college 529 plans, etc.

CONFIRMATION. A meeting was held on Friday, Jan. 13 of the Section on ElderLaw of the Alabama Bar Association. They agree 100% with the devastating effects of S. 1932 on gifting by seniors, and they sent my email to all elderlaw attorneys in the state.

ARTICLE JANUARY 19. Here is an investigative piece about S. 1932. CLICK HERE.

NATIONAL NEWS CAST. Here is a national radio newscast about S. 1932 from National Public Radio (with whom I often disagree editorially). You need audio software, such as RealPlayer, etc. CLICK TO HEAR RADIO NEWS RE-PLAY.

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