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Unborn Babies position statement by Mike Crane, Senate District 51 candidate

Our Southern Party candidate for Senate District 51 - Mike Crane has released his position statement on unborn babies. It is located below and we hope you will take a few minutes to read it.

He needs your support to get on the ballot. Please consider helping his campaign with a contribution or even more important if you live in or near the 51st Senate District - help him gather petition signatures.

Unborn Babies
Position Statement

"The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite."

- Thomas Jefferson

Unborn Babies position statement

This is an issue which has placed one set of Georgians against another for decades. Today the debate rages on not only in Georgia but across our country.

In my Basic Foundation and Beliefs in Government I clearly state:

All human rights are granted by God, not government and government exists primarily to protect the God-given rights of its citizens - NOT to determine which rights it will permit its citizens to exercise.


All political power and influence should flow from the citizens upward, the unholy influence and special treatment of special interests must be eliminated. Controversial issues should be settled by a vote of the affected citizens, Let The People Vote!

My solution to solve this issue for the people of Georgia is to apply the two fundamental beliefs above. Place an amendment to the Georgia Constitution on the November ballot and let the citizens vote:

The proposed amendment would be:

Article I, Section I

Paragraph I. Life, liberty, and property. No person, including the unborn, shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property except by due process of law.

My position on the proposed amendment is also stated in my Basic Foundation and Beliefs in Government :

Unborn babies have a fundamental individual right to be born which cannot be infringed.

Each and every one of us was an unborn baby at one time. Each and every baby is created equal and possesses equal rights before the law. In some cases the government has stepped in via federal court decisions and determined that the government will determine which babies have rights and which do not.

The Georgia Constitution should remove this ambiguity and protect the rights of those who can not protect themselves. Each and every one of us received that protection when we were unborn and each and every unborn baby now and in the future deserves the same protection of their rights.

American Liberty is based upon the recognition of God given individual rights, not on rights as determined by a government, whether it be federal, state or local. Today an unborn baby which has committed no crime has less protection of their rights and access to due process then a heinous murderer. This amendment if passed on referendum would restore American Liberty for the unborn which existed in our country through out most of its history.

Please consider helping my campaign, click here for How to Help .

Some commentary on this issue.

Our country was founded as a Constitutional Republic of Republics. The Supreme Court decision, Roe vs. Wade is just one of a long list of Supreme Court decisions in this century and the mid to later portion of the 20th century that are destroying the form of government we once had.

Due to the effects of the two party system our country has politicized every aspect of our government into two competing camps which value maintaining power over American Liberty. Our Founding Fathers gave us the first form of government ever to recognize God-given rights that were not subject to government usurpation.

We are losing our Founding Principles as each of our two major parties will ignore the Constitutional protections of our rights when it will give them a political edge. None other than George Washington in his Farewell Address warned us about these potential excesses of political parties.

The Republicans claim to be "Pro-Life" but in years of control of the federal government and several years here in Georgia there has been no legislation passed to establish Constitutional protection for the unborn. Instead they focus a divisive fight over which form of Judicial Activism will prevail. Nor has Congress passed legislation placing these cases outside the jurisdiction of the federal courts - for which it has Constitutional authority. Every one of the members of Congress should be thrown out of office in their next election for negligence of duty.

The truth is that neither major party is "Pro-life" or "Anti-life" they are both "Pro-power."

The basis for my position above is to take a step toward returning to our Founding Principles by establishing in the Georgia Constitution, with a vote of the people, that American Liberty extends to the unborn. Our reply to the Supreme Court should be that they have no jurisdiction and demand that Congress rein them in.

If we do not take a stronger position defending American Liberty as created by Our Founding Fathers it will be lost. That would be very unfair to our grandchildren.

This material is from: http://electmikecrane.com

About the candidate:

Mike Crane is the 3rd vice chairman of the Southern Party of Georgia and a candidate for the 51st Senate District in Georgia. Georgia has the hardest ballot access laws in our country and your contribution and support is needed to help achieve ballot status. Help a voice for restoring Our Founding Principles get on the ballot so that the people have a Real Choice. No contribution is too small:

Committee To Elect Mike Crane
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton, Georgia 30560

Credit card contributions can be made at 877-903-0996.

Campaign website: http://ElectMikeCrane.com. If you live in or near the 51st Senate District please consider helping Mike Crane get on the ballot by helping gather petition signatures. You can contact him by email at: mikecrane@tds.net

Georgia Campaign Finance Reporting requires we ask for your name, address, occupation and employer .

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