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Why many of the unborn are not born
by Mike Crane

In my opinion there is only one reason why many unborn babies are not born. We have lost control of our government and it no longer represents the people.

The issue is clear, everybody at one time was an unborn baby. Even Jesus was an unborn baby.

There is nothing in the Constitution that grants the federal government the right to determine which unborn babies will die and which will be given the opportunity to be born.

There would not be multi-billion dollar a year industry dedicated to murdering unborn babies if the federal government had remained faithful to the Constitution and the Principles upon which our country was founded. Some of the murdered babies resulting from allowing the Supreme Corruption to usurp the Constitution would be having their first grandchildren, today.

In 30+ years since the Supreme Corruption, over stepped the bounds of the Constitution in Roe v. Wade, neither Republican controlled, nor Democratic controlled Congress, US Senate or Whitehouse have executed any steps to rein in the Supreme Corruption. The federal government, regardless of composition has condoned the murder of unborn babies by their inaction.

Way too many Republicans use the issue only as way to campaign against Democrats. They blame the millions of murdered unborn babies on the Democrats, but a majority of the Supreme Corruption are appointed by Republicans.

When the Republicans controlled the US House of Representatives, the US Senate and the Whitehouse no action was taken. But we did see the Republican Administration and Congressional leadership stiff arm other legislation, but nothing to protect the rights of unborn babies. The leading Republican 2008 Presidential candidate (based upon multiple polls) is a man who is unwilling to stand up for the rights of unborn babies.

Even Rudy was an unborn baby at one time, why is his life more sacred than the life of any other unborn?

It does not matter that a majority of Americans for years have supported the rights of unborn babies.

There is no check on the federal government!

Our Founding Fathers knew that they had to create a check on the federal government or it would disconnect from the citizens. The main check was the States.

Some or many will not want to hear anything about States being a check on the federal government. They will let political correctness control their thoughts - and thus will be unable to protect the rights of unborn babies. Political correctness says States are bad, but political correctness also supports the abortion industry.

But you and I both know that such a mandate by the Supreme Corruption would have been considered unbelievable by Our Founding Fathers. They seceeded from the English Crown for lesser offenses! I hope that you will give this some thought and would like to recommend the video below.

Nothing will change until you - the citizens make a change.

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Reclaiming American Liberty

A message on abortion - video

No one would deny that murders and tyrants do not hesitate to take a life.  Civil society rightfully condemns such acts.  Yet, millions of unborn children are killed each year in this country. 

Its time to admit the obvious, abortion is murder.  

Nowhere in the Constitution is the Federal government delegated authority to murder unborn children. 

Roe v Wade denies the states the right to protect the life of the unborn�it is an affront against morality and blatantly un-Constitution act.   Protecting life is a function not delegated to the Federal government and therefore belongs to the States. 

I am Walter D Kennedy and I approve this message.

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Walter D. (Donnie) Kennedy has formed a GOP Presidential Exploratory Committee. To help Donnie carry this message into the Republican Primaries, click here.

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