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Pastors Pro Life Rally Huntsville, Alabama

Wednesday, January 14

We are pleased to invite you to attend our annual Pastors Pro Life Rally on the east steps of the Madison County Court House in downtown Huntsville, 12:00 Noon on Wednesday, January 14. This will be a solemn time of prayer and reflection as we observe the 35rd anniversary of the infamous Roe versus Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court which has led to the killing of over 45,000,000 babies in our nation.

We are also excited that several local pastors are going to share their hearts concerning the path forward in ending abortion once and for all. We look for our pastors to lead us in the fight for life, just as they did in the American Revolution that began our great nation.

Reverend James Henderson, President of the Alabama Alliance Against Abortion will present the current status and current challenges of the local and state-level pro-life fight in Alabama.


We hope you will do the following:  

1. Inform your pastor and invite him to come and share a few words to stand for life.

2. Inform your church and invite them to come, have it announced in your church.

3. The public testimony of your church. Ask your pastor and church to take a public to stand to make known that the sin of abortion is the greatest sin taking place in our society.

4. The ministry of the local church. We as Christians have a tremendous obligation to minister to our society about the sins of abortion. Thousands of young ladies need to understand the devastating consequences of having an abortion of bad mental and physical health and the burden of years of guilt that follow.

5. Pray to stop area abortions and protect the lives of the unborn. Pray that abortions will stop at the Huntsville Hospital.

Sample Church Bulletin Notice - Give to Church Secretary

PASTORS PRO LIFE RALLY Huntsville January 14

Attend the Pastors Pro Life at the steps of the Court House in downtown Huntsville, 12 Noon on Wednesday, January 14. Area pastors will be speaking.

Sponsored by Alabama Alliance Against Abortion.

Website: http://www.wholeworldinhishands.com  


If you have questions please call James or Carol Henderson at 256 350 6067, or on their cell phones, James, 256 337 0826, Carol, 256 309 7611


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