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HISTORICAL RECORD: Winter Months Grazing for Sheep in Bethlehem area

The following is from Bible Study notes and Biblical commentaries by Dr Tim Bulkeley Tekoa was in the vicinity of Bethlehem and would have not only had the same flock grazing methods but would have shared some pasturage with the shepherds headquartered in Bethlehem. This is from material about the prophet Amos.

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Fox News December 24, 2013: Too cold for shepherds in December

Many have scoffed and ridiculed this series of articles as unneeded and so forth. But on December 24, 2013 Fox News was broadcasting a documentary [sic] called The Nativity. I caught a bit of this program after returning home from our church service.

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MYTH: Too cold for shepherds to Tend Flocks in December - Part 2

Anyone who has ever been around Lake City, Florida can tell you. December winters in the area are rather mild, while there may be a few nights with a freeze or frost, they are NOT severe. Certainly the hardy people of the Biblical times would have been capable of facing this rather mild climate! Jacob certainly was.

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Marietta Daily Journal - on The First Thanksgiving

We would like to congratulate the Marietta Daily Journal for not only printing some true history, but for recognizing the existence of "anti-Southern bias" in much of our increasingly politically correct history.

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MYTH: Too Cold For Shepherds in December

This is a step the politically correct and those who desire to cast doubt on Jesus overlook. They of course have a goal or desire to cast doubt on the Scripture. There is an interesting passage in Genesis 31:38-40 that is very relevant to this issue:

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Obamanation says: Remember Romney opposes Abortion

Self-Proclaimed Christian President Obama, who attended Rev. Wright's church for 20 years and couldn't remember a single sermon - criticizes Mitt Romney for not wanting to kill unborn babies.

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False Myth: Too cold for Shepherds in December

The article below further demonstrates that the historical record of men who actually studied sheep herding in Biblical lands recorded that shepherds would have been abiding in the fields in December. It is well known that the "rainy" season includes December and that is when the fields referenced in the Gospel of Luke would have had grass for the sheep to feed on.

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What Is a Christian Nation

That every religion imposes its own law on society holds true even for religions that claim they are not actually religions, like the fiercely anti-Christian secularism that presently rules the United States. So determined is this secularism to impose its law upon all and sundry, it is offended and will suppress any attempt even to pray in its presence or in any public venue anywhere. The god of secularism commands, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." He proclaims neutrality, but he practices warfare.

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MYTH: Too cold for shepherds to Tend Flocks in December

Whenever discussions are started about the December 25 date used to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus, this subject typically comes up. Those who wish to discredit and cast doubt on Christianity will say, "It is too cold in December for the shepherds to be tending their flocks!"

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Pastors Pro Life Rally Huntsville

We are pleased to invite you to attend our annual Pastors Pro Life Rally on the east steps of the Madison County Court House in downtown Huntsville, 12:00 Noon on Wednesday, January 14. This will be a solemn time of prayer and reflection as we observe the 35rd anniversary of the infamous Roe versus Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court which has led to the killing of over 45,000,000 babies in our nation.

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